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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Wool Felt ball Rugs manufacturers in India

Felt Balls Rugs

Felt ball rug is made from 100 % wool imported from New Zealand. The colors used for dyeing are non Toxic, Non-allergic and are free from AZO. Our felt ball rugs are Handmade in India these rugs are similar to “Hay Pinocchio Rug “ but sold at a very less price as we manufacture ourselves. Our felt ball rugs are hand sewn together. We can also custom build your rug in any shape sizes and color as per your requirement. Spot clean with water and mild soap or dry clean.
handmade wool felt balls rug manufacturers
handmade wool felt balls rug manufacturers
Material: 100% Wool felt balls
Technics: Hand Stitched
Age Group: Children
Design: felt ball rug
Feature: Eco friendly
Use: Floor, Home, Hotel
Size: Customized Size,
Place of Origin: India
Brand Name: Global Floor Furnishers
Model Number: felt ball rug
Product Name: Round shape Felt Ball Carpet 100% Wool Felt Ball Rug
Color: Customized Color
Rug type: Living Room Area Rug
Usage: Home Living Room
MOQ: 10 sq. mtrs
Sample: Available
Packing: Waterproof Polybag

wool felt balls rugs suppliers in india
wool felt balls rugs suppliers in India

Contact us for your custom felt rugs requirements at or visit at or whats ap at 0091–9839141651.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Carpets for Resorts

What kind of carpets  or rugs are suitable for resorts?

This is a very important question which comes to the mind of the owner, mainly the housekeeping section of any resorts, and other properties which are situated in coastal areas.

Now the issue is what are the criteria to be taken into consideration before you buy any carpets for your resorts, these are termed as RESORT CARPETS :

1. Are these Easy to clean ?
2. What are the best materials to be used in the carpet
3. What are the suitable Colors of the carpets
4. What sizes  of carpets or rugs we propose to lay in resort
5.  As per the concept which Design/pattern is best for the resort or hotel.

Let's discuss one by one :

1. Easy to clean: This is one of the very important issue in case of carpets which are to be ordered for any rooms or other areas of resorts. In this case being the temperature moist, and sandy(in most cases), the carpet should be made of such materials which is very very easy to us at for more on this.

2. Materials to be used for making carpets suitable for resorts: When we talk about the carpets to be made its very important which type of yarn to be used. Different projects have different requirements. Some ask for cotton, some jute, some sisal, some even wool, in some cases evern Polypropylene is also being used for making the carpets. You may advise the budget and pattern, and we can suggest you suitable material carpets.

3. Colors of carpet: Don't take this issue lightly, its very important to have dusky color so that its not look untidy, and always fresh, too dark and too light colors are not preferred for the carpet. You can check our range of colors for making selection of your carpet.

4. Size of the carpets: yes this is very important because there are some patterns of the weave which has, for example, say limitation of 3mtrs, so if your carpet or rug is say 4.5 mtrs then we have to adopt different weaving patterns. Its always better to have the size of carpets you need before you proceed with the designs or patterns.

5. Design or pattern: This is complementary and supplementary to the above points.  However in many cases if you have design or pattern you can always check with us as to how that can be made and in your sizes or not.

For more details you are always welcome to contact us at  or also visit at

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Custom carpets rugs which makes you go WOW

Want to get crazy with your custom carpets and rugs, and say WOW !!!

Here is the chance to meet us who will give you small details about the custom rugs and carpets.

Ask yourself the following :

1. Do i need the custom carpets and rugs from a manufacturer who is a factory?
2. Do I have some designs i have seen on internet?
3. Can these be made in my size?
4. How much time I can wait for my beautiful custom rug and carpet?
5. What price i can afford to pay for this bespoke work?

Once you decide the above, you are ready for your custom rug order to be placed. Then we can suggest you what material to be used in what type of custom carpets.

Here are some options :

1. Custom rug to be made in wool ground and motifs in art silk, like this :

Custom rug in wool ground and motifs in art silk
Custom rug in wool ground and motifs in art silk

2. Custom rug to be made all in wool :
Custom rug in wool
Custom rug in wool

3. Custom rug made in hand-tufted pattern :

Custom rug made in hand-tufted
Custom rug made in hand-tufted

4. Custom rug made in hand-knotted pattern :
Custom rug made in hand-knotted
Custom rug made in hand-knotted

5. Custom flat-weave carpets and rugs in wool
Custom flat-weave carpets and rugs in wool
Custom flat-weave carpets and rugs in wool

The above is the most common pattern used in manufacturing custom rugs. Contact us at for more details or visit at or

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Suitable Resort Carpets

Carpets and rugs fo resorts

carpet for resort
carpet for resort
Have you ever thought about which kind of carpets and rugs is suitable for laying in resorts? It is to be noted that the carpets laid in resorts are very much different from the ones being used in hotel rooms.

It is also to be noted that due to the high-grade moisture level, sand dust and other issues in resorts. So the main challenge for the housekeeping section is to maintain the carpets and to have the same easy cleaned.

If the cleaning of any rug and carpets in the resort is not proper, the whole concept changes. 

We offer a different range of carpet and rugs for the resorts, where you do not have to worry about the challenges you may face. Be very sure and careful in making any selection of carpets for resorts. Contact us at or visit us at for more details.

best type of carpets for resorts
best type of carpets for resorts

close view of rug made for resort
close view of rug made for resort

outdoor rug in pp for resort
outdoor rug in pp for resort

flatweave custom rug for resort
flatweave custom rug for resort

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Maintenance free carpets and rugs in polypropylene

Are you looking for rugs which are easy to clean and maintain or say Maintenance free??

Yes!! we have the same with us. These high class, UV protected, and stain resistant, soil resistant, nothing...just brush it off, and it will go away...

These are being manufactured in India, under the guidance and strict supervision of the technical team.

For more details you may contact us at

We are sharing some more pictures of these types of maintenance free carpets and rugs. These types can be made in any size and colors, with the border or without the border.

polypropylene rug which is maintenance free
polypropylene rug which is maintenance free

polypropylene rug in the braided weave india
polypropylene rug in the braided weave india

polypropylene rug in the braided weave india
polypropylene rug in the braided weave india

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Braided Polypropylene carpets and rugs

Outdoor Braided weave Polypropylene carpets and rugs

Polypropylene braided rug in rectangle shape
Polypropylene braided rug in rectangle shape
We are very happy to share the new Polypropylene rug in the braided weave, which is best out of best for outdoor.

These are also very suitable for rooms in the resorts. 

The property of these kinds of braided rugs is that they absorb water. These are very good even for kitchens or you can also use in bathrooms. Best part due to its properties is that it doesn't catch stains and muds too. They do not even mold or mildew.

These high ultra durable rugs are very suitable for many places where you cannot have any other style of floor coverings. 

Width upto 4m and length upto 30 mtrs can be done in one stretch. Need at least 500 sq meters order for this type. Sharing some pictures of the outdoor polypropylene. For more details you can email us at

Polypropylene braided rug laid in resort room
Polypropylene braided rug laid in resort room

outdoor Polypropylene braided rug
outdoor Polypropylene braided rug

easy cleaning of Polypropylene braided rug
easy cleaning of Polypropylene braided rug

Polypropylene braided rug
Polypropylene braided rug 

Thursday, November 03, 2016

bamboo silk carpets and rugs manufacturers

Bamboo Silk Rugs and Carpets

Here we would like to share few different patterns of rugs and carpets in bamboo silk.

For more details you can contact us at

hand-knotted bamboo silk carpet
hand-knotted bamboo silk carpet

hand-knotted carpet
hand-knotted carpet

hand-tufted bamboo silk carpet
hand-tufted bamboo silk carpet

hand-tufted bamboo silk rug
hand-tufted bamboo silk rug

vintage worn out rug
vintage worn out rug

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How can one have best luxurious carpets and rugs from a manufacturer

Luxurious carpets and rugs manufactured in India

What is Luxury? Do you need luxurious carpets? or Designer carpets or rugs?

high luxurious silk carpet
high luxurious silk carpet
Whatever you name these high end carpets are being manufactured by all the skilled weavers under guidance of skilled master. These luxurious or designer carpets are made as per the design and feel you wish to have.

From your side the work is done!!! just have to make selection or provide us the design you need and after that you can sleep tight...thereafter its our duty to make the perfect rug as per your design and size. These are mainly customised as per the design and size the client make the selection.

When we talk for the luxurious its obvious that the rug and carpet should be of very good quality and at the same time not very expensive. Using high grade wool in manufacturing the rug makes the rugs look more shinning and soft look and feel, and if  you need high sheen and lusture, you can add the silk touch to make look more elegant and rich.

You can discuss your requirement with a manufacturers like us who can guide you better as per your suitability and requirement.

contact us at or may also visit at for more details.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Yoga mats in different pattern towards printing

Yoga mats in earlier days used to be plain, but now they are looking for something printed or written on that...

yoga mats made in india
yoga mats made in india
This yoga mat is manufactured in India, is purely handmade and printed. one can have their own pattern printed on plain colours also.

You can contact us at for more details

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Shining Carpet

The Shining Carpet

What do you mean by "THE SHINNING CARPET"?

Is this carpet which shines like silk? 

The carpets are manufactured mostly in wool, but in view of the trend these are also made using shinning material like polyester, viscose or artificial silk etc.

The Shining Carpet

The Shining Carpet-wool and silk

these can be all over shinning or may be at some places in a carpet, like say ground in wool, and design in shinning...see here image showing this...

The Shining Carpet

The Shining Carpet-all silk

Another case where the whole carpet is shinning, this means that in this carpet there is no wool being used but all silk....see here image showing this...

If you need any more details you can email us at or can visit our website at

Rug and Home

Rug and Home

rug and home
Designer Rug for your home
Rug and Home are complimentary and supplimentary to each other. When you have a home of your own belongings, you need the floor not to look lousy, but to look beautiful... When we say decorate the floor, we clearly mean RUG.

rug for home
wool home rug
Every home should have atleast a rug in living room, in bedroom, at the dinning area etc. The rug can be made on custom sizes and designs for anyone home.

For more details you may please visit us at or can email us at

wool home rug
rug and home

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Carpet manufacturers in bhadohi

Carpet manufacturers in bhadohi

There are many cities in india each of which have the manufacturing facilities of differnt types of hand made carpets and rugs.

Out of these many cities we have bhabohi and mirzapur where you can versatile handmade rugs and carpets may be hand tufted hand-knotted or handwoven.

Carpet manufacturers in bhadohi are very similar to mirzapur as the distance is just 28 this is mainly the name which differs these two cities.

For more details about carpet manufacturers in bhadohi or in mirzapur you may visit at or may email us at 

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Carpet Manufacturer India

Carpet Manufacturer India

“Carpet Manufacturer India” means any manufacturer in india, who makes the carpets as per the design, size, colour given by the client.

Benefits of Buying Carpet from Manufacturers in India

  1. CHEAP PRICE as compared to buying from wholesaler or retailer of carpets
  2. BEST QUALITY, as suitable to your requirements
  3. Best Designs options available
  4. Colour range
  5. Prompt Delivery
Carpet Manufacturer India
Carpet Manufacturer India

Difference of Carpet Manufacturers in In India and other countries

Indian manufactures can weave almost all different qualities of carpets which are being weaved world wide. You can have all the qualities like handtufted, handknotted, Persian weave, Nepalese and so on, so in this case you can have many options all together to have in front of you so that you can make perfect selection as per your requirements.

If you need any more information related to the carpet manufacturers in India, you may contact us by sending email at or can visit our website at

Monday, June 30, 2014

Outdoor rugs manufactured in india

Outdoor rugs manufactured in india :

outdoor carpet manufacturers
Outdoor rug handmade in india
Outdoor rugs are those rugs which you can lay on floor outside your house. This doesn’t mean that you cannot lay these kinds of rugs inside also. These are mostly used and recommended even for resorts or coastal areas houses, villas, apartments.

When you have to sit outside your house and you wish to lay something on floor, you can use these outdoor rugs. These are mostly washable, colour fast, so that you can clean easily.

We recommend use of polyester yarn, that too thick polyester yarn for making these outdoor rugs. These are tough to absorb the foot traffic and also look bright and shinning.

outdoor rugs
outdoor carpet manufactured in india

For any more clarification you can always write us at with cc at

Friday, June 20, 2014

Bamboo silk shades for manufacturing beautiful handmade carpets and rugs

bamboo silk yarn colours for manufacturing rugs
Bamboo silk yarn shades

Bamboo silk yarn is being used very much as compared to viscose and other shinning materials in manufacturing of any rugs and carpets.

When we manufacture the carpets, and been asked as to which yarn to be choosen for good shine, feel and look, we suggest Bamboo silk yarn.

The colours and dyeing process is more or less same,so we share herewith the bamboo silk colours for making carpets by making selection by the clients.

Here is picture of the colour box, which we use for matching the shades.

These and many more colours can be used in making solid colour carpets or any other design carpets. Here you will see the picture showing the rugs where bamboo silk is being used for making the rugs which are plain.
bamboo silk carpets in plain colours
Plain bamboo silk carpets

If you have any queries or need any information or details you may contact us at

You can also make visit to our website for more details.

Friday, March 14, 2014



I was thinking to share something very useful with you all today, the change we have noticed in orders by client for handmade carpets and rugs, they were demanding earlier as compared to the one they want in this current year.

Earlier times, the carpets and rugs we made only in wool, these were known as handmade woolen carpets, then the touch of silk/artificial silk also known as viscose yarn, came into demand, this mean that the ground and design was mostly made in wool, this design many be traditional or contemporary or modern, the touch of silk yarn were being given, so that it give rich and different look.
handmade rug with base in  wool and design in bamboo silk

One more thing also to be added, is that this shinning yarn can also be BAMBOO SILK YARN. These yarns are extra soft, high in shine and everything which makes the rug look high class.

Gradually time start changing and the liking of shinning with soft feel got increased, and then the motifs were being made of silk and ground in wool.
handmade rug with base in silk/viscose and design in wool

Recently we have noticed that the client have shifted opposite, this mean ground in silk and design in wool….this mean that they like softness, shinning more and touch of wool, to make dull and shine effect.

We manufacture rugs and carpets in India, and that’s the reason have noticed this fast moving change, very intensively and accordingly posting this matter, so that you all can see the driving force moving. If you have any query, or need any information/details, you may write us at or

You can also make visit to our website for more details.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014



Are you a rug manufacturer? This is normal question comes to client mind, when they search someone who can make their rugs. They think that they should directly have contact with the manufacturers so that their rugs are made in cheap rates, without any trader involved in between.

This is very much right, we also wish to have direct client for many reasons, as we understand their demand in better form and can communicate better.

As a manufacturers we provide things in better shape, better perfection, this is because we know what we have to make, how we have to make, and most important thing, what we need to make the perfect rug.

We need the following :

  1. Design in proper format
  2. Colour matching source
  3. Type of weave
  4. Finishing style
  5. any special packing style


Being a rug manufacturer is not one man job, this is a whole team, this team also covers the client, as they are the starter, what they give to us is what they get from us. As soon as we receive the design from the client, and other details, they become the part and parcel of the team of rug manufacturers. The other section which start work is our Indian rug designers, who transform rug in the format, so that the weaving can be done. Dyer who dye the yarn, check the basis of colour and dye the yarn to the closet best possible, then weaver weaves the rug, from their hand and after finishing the rug is ready for packing and thus dispatch.

Being rug manufacturer mean weaving of all type of rugs, like hand-knotted rugs, hand-tufted rugs, hand-woven rugs, or any other style. This makes us a complete rug manufacturer.

One common question :

“We understand that you are rug manufacturers, do you do everything in-house?”

No!!, this is not possible, its not a machine factory where you have a factory shed and all are weaving, yes at very few places there may be, but most of the cases being a cottage industry, we get the manufacturing in small villages, where there are many skilled weaving community. These best skilled weavers, prefer weaving at their home instead of coming at your place, and get the weaving done, its convenient for them to weave the rug at their place in their own way.

Another question :

“ How can we see the rugs manufacturing?”

We in some cases, on demand, send the client the picture of weaving of their rug, so that they may see how the progress is going on. This we have find makes them confident that they have contacted the rug manufacturers directly.



We also extend and discuss at some places, if desired and also share our experiences, where the client advise us to make the rug. Like where the rug is for any project  we ask the area for which they need the rug, to suggest them better option in view of foot traffic, lights etc.

As always said if you need any assistance in getting your rug manufactured you are always welcome to contact us at

You can also make visit to our website for more details.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Bamboo silk hand-knotted carpets and rugs in india

bamboo silk carpet
The use of bamboo silk yarn, in hand-knotted rugs are very much in demand. Earlier it was only 100% woolen carpets and rugs were being ordered, but now they need the addition or touch of bamboo silk atleast in all rugs.

Use of bamboo silk is better than what is being called as VISCOSE rugs, mean that where the viscose is being used in manufacturing of handmade carpets, may be hand-tufted, hand-knotted or such other handwoven carpets. What we mean by this is bamboo silk yarn is much more strengthful, nice than other man made yarns.

These kind of rugs do not have high pile, but made in low pile, in high dense weave, these are also known as high quality hand-knotted rugs. There are also different grade of bamboo silk yarn. Some similar yarns are banana silk yarn, which is also being used in hand-knotted rugs.
You can also make visit to our website for more details.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Carpets and Rugs as one of the important visual merchandise

When you want to decorate your showroom, or store, which may be fashion showroom, or shoe store or clothing store or any stores, and you wish to enhance the look and feel of the same, what will you do???

1. You will plan how to enhance the look and make it have different and attractive look
2. When some one sees they say WOW
3. The display merchandise should be economical

Normally most of the items are more or less common, what is different is something away from regular stuff...we say carpets and rugs, YESSSSSSSS!!!!!
visual merchandise item
designer carpet for display-any size available

The more ad on is that these are HANDMADE!!!!

We being manufacturers and exporters of different designs carpets/rugs, in many forms and patterns, and would like to introduce the same as one of the important visual mercandise stuff...come and see the range,  we have to offer...

Here are pictures of something we made in wool...we have in silk, polyester, all what you need...

email us at or

Saturday, September 28, 2013



Area Rugs manufactured by us are being exported to most of the places in world, usa, uk, canada (Toronto), middle east, spain, france, italy and such other places.

There are some interior designers and decorators, in Toronto, who have custom area rugs demand, mainly in wool, in their own design and sizes.

We have been passed with very good experience dealing with the clients of this city.




There are many materials being used in manufacturing an area rugs and carpets. Wool is mostly preferable and acceptable in most of the cases. Cities which are cold mostly takes wool area rugs.  These may be newzealand wool, Indian wool, or blended wool. There are sometimes sale of these area wool rugs, so you can make a good selection, out of the ready rugs.

You may please contact us for any queries us at or at